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Scotland Hunting


Hunting and stalking are a part of Scottish history, following in the steps of centuries of nobble traditions adding to the romance and enjoyment of a hunting trip. From £100 per person.
Scottish Hunting: Goose Shooting

Goose Shooting in Scotland

3 Hunting Days and Accommodation (all inclusive)
Goose shooting over decoys for: £630 per person (group of 4 or more)
Includes: All Trophies and accommodation.

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Mauritius Hunting


Russia occupies an eighth of the planets land. Its territory includes eight distinct natural landscapes, where inhabits 320 species of mammals, and over 730 species of birds.

Of this diverse range the State Wildlife Fund allows 60 species of mammals and 70 species of birds that can be hunted in Russia.

The diversity of species makes Russia the largest hunting empire in the world.